Jack Snyder
Loan Officer | NMLS# 222733
P: (949) 771-0260
F: (888) 466-2204
E: jsnyder@flexpointmtg.com

Jack Snyder is a licensed loan officer for FlexPoint Mortgage

Passionate about music, surfing and home cookin’ but not necessarily in that order.

Dad to an amazing son

and married to an awesome wife that had me at “hello”!

With well over 20 yrs of mortgage experience there isn’t anything I haven’t dealt with. From the income challenged to the credit challenge, I have enjoyed working with every kind of borrower under the sun!

Imagine you’re taking flight on a new mortgage destination. As your pilot, It is my job to make sure you arrive at your destination safely and on time. Regardless of what turbulence we may encounter, I have the skill and experience to navigate us safely through it and into a smooth landing. I strive to give you the highest level of service and value possible.

My goal is to make you permanently satisfied with your home’s mortgage long after you and I are done working together!

Click here for some of my past clients experiences.

“Eat right, think right, sleep right, and play right, and you can save the doctor’s bill for your vacation money.” Napoleon Hill